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This is very odd timing. I was just in the process of cutting some of that fabric for a new Zone wing. It's only the second time I've ever used that fabric and I was just becoming frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to mark that fabric for cutting. A pencil is bad because it leaves lines in the layup. The scratch awl doesn't work on that fabric very well. I haven't had any disappearing ink markers in my shop for many years. Then I remembered; I should be using a wax paper transfer method and so the patterns would be traced out on the wax paper with a sharpie marker. All that stress made me want to take an RCgroups break and, how odd it is to find this thread.

Gerald mentioned a couple of things about that fabric: It has a more open weave than the 1.0oz plain Kevlar fabric and so it takes a lot of hard rolling to even attempt to close up the weave. One correction/clarification though; Don't fully dry the layup before doing the hard rolling. The epoxy acts as a lubricant between the fabric and the mylar. When the layup becomes very dry, the fabric becomes very fixed in place on the mylar. If the layup is soupy wet then when you try to hard roll it, the fabric may want to swim around on the mylar too much. On the other hand, if the layup is too dry, it will be very hard to close up the weave with the hard roller. The hard rolling will work best with a moderate amount of wetness. For that fabric, I will try to hard roll it at every stage of the process in hopes of finally getting it to look good. It is also going to be important to have the mylar on a very flat, hard surface for the rolling.
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