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I'm sure I could see in the video the top "elevators" and bottom "elevons" moving in unison to, for example, move it forward (not sure of the terminology - is that negative pitch?). I'm guessing this would allow superior maneuverability compared to something like the VTOL linked earlier. A typical VTOL I'm guessing, for example, if you say wanted to reverse direction on a dime, there would be a huge 'wag' while the tail and prop got in synce, and probably some undesirable effects like a drop in altitude. But with tandem controls, the reversal would be much tighter.
The advantage of a VTOL I'm guessing would be more power efficiency and "airplane" characteristics at higher speeds, but this ball isn't shooting for that, although I'm sure it could be programed and layed out for forward flight if someone really wanted to, although that's not the purpose of this design.
I'd love to start trying it out, but believe it or not am having trouble finding 3mm FG rods long enough. I need at least 120cm lengths. HK sells CF rods max 75cm, and I'm not sure if they would shatter when bent and under impact. I'm going to have to split some 5mm FG garden rods, which work well in testing, but give off all kinds of tiny glass splinters which I HATE. I may coat the rods in electrical tape (more weight, as a 120cm circumference ball (thats pretty small, like 40cm diameter) needs about 600cm total rods for everything in my planned airship).
The design I have in mind will be very tough and able to bounce and absorb shock better than teh original if it all works out.
I have an idea to make a larger one, using these 5mm garden rods, and mount an FPV GoPro on teh bottom. I could modify the bottom to fit it with a pan/tilt, and this would be great for impact, and safer to use than a quadcopter.

For mixing, I'm thinking 4 channels, rudder/elevator/and all 4 bottom surfaces linked as elevons. These elevons will mirror each other. I still don't know enough about gyros to figure that out. 3 gyros?
How about 1 on top elevator, 1 on top rudder, and slave the bottom elevons to teh top rudder and elevator? The 3rd gyro could be used to stop roll/rotation and put on either R/E?

I'm imagining the rim of flaps as passive, and help to correct some bad habit.
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