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A Few Questions--SAE Aero Design

Greetings all.

I have a few questions relating to the SAE Aero Design competition. Here's a thread discussing other aspects of the competition. I'm the team captain for Gonzaga University, and there's been a few things I've been pondering, but have not found solid answers for yet.

1. I've been told that a tapered wing with straight leading edge (like an Edge 540) has better low-speed characteristics. Is this true, and why/why not? And would it matter for our plane in the competition.

2. Besides finding the thrust of the engine/prop combination, what else can one get from static thrust measurements? We would also be measuring the RPM.

3. We are considering winglets, but do not have the capability to run software or test in a wind tunnel. Are there any wingtip devices (tip plates, winglets, straked wingtips, etc.) that seem to generally work better than others? And could these be used on our aircraft with little customization?

Feel free to ask for clarification.

Thanks in advance,
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