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Hello. This is the ACTUAL Easytiger here. I don't know who David Marteen is, you can go check IPs or whatever, it's not me.
Nor are so many of the other names they claim are me. They aren't. It has been several times where I have had complaints from real people, actual customers, who complained that they were banned here, Jim Graham claiming they were me. Well, they ain't.
As far as Mike2663 goes, his name is Mike Taylor, from El Paso Texas.
HE HAS NEVER, EVER had ANY business dealings with Easy Tiger Models. Never. We checked ALL of our records:
SO...why has he made HUNDREDS of posts against us?
Beats me.
Pretty obsessive.
I'd like to think how HE would feel if HE had an internet stalker posting hundreds of posts about HIM...some perfect stranger who he had never done business with.
How would THAT feel?
Would you like that?
Is it fun to throw stones at people who cannot respond? Sporting? Gentlemanly? Or is is just pathetic?
It's really easy to sit there behind your keyboard and keep bashing people who can't respond, people you don't even know. Takes a real tough guy to do that.
You never know, mike, when someone might get fed up with your tactics and turn the same back on you.
You made HUNDREDS of posts "warning" everyone about Banana Hobbies...then you turned around and actually BOUGHT something from them, and your tune flipped one-eighty. So why should ANYONE take your word for anything?
This is just some game to sit there in front of a screen pronouncing judgement on all and sundry, but you oftimes have no clue of what you are talking about.
PUSH BACK, dude. Push back AWAY from the computer before someone starts pushing back at you.
One of the big problems with the internet is it has given everybody a voice...and it teaches you that there are a certain percentage of people out there who are complete blowhards who spew complete garbage about things they know nothing about.
If you were an actual customer with an actual beef, I could respect that.
But you're not. You're some sewing-circle gossip who just likes to feel like they have some sort of "power" by bashing people on the internet.
I even feel a little sorry for that chump from Hobby Shop would think that the complaining customers would be enough, they don't need YOU bumping up every thread about him, the actual CUSTOMERS of his can do that themselves.
Maybe it's just a person dying for my attention, I don't know. If so, I gave him some. You have to be pretty obsessed to make so many hundreds of posts against someone you don't even KNOW.
Anyway...David Marteen, if you ARE a friend who is just posting to help me out, thanks for that, but you will undoubtably get banned for doing it...if you are just an actual customer doing research, then I apologize. You can't really take much of what you read here with any veracity, the signal-to-noise ratio is way too high.
As for me, this is a one-post deal, if anybody wants to actually talk, they can email us or join our web forum
You can rest assured that Mike2663 will report this post immediately and it will be removed, so somebody ought to quote it so the message gets across.
Over and out, I am going to eat a nice Cuban sandwich now, this is as much time as I want to waste on this...

Easytiger Models
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