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THE OLD AND THE NEW (See pictures below)
As I thought of how I would design the new plane I got thinking about a plane I designed and built in 1986 that can be seen below. It met many of the design goals we have for the new flying wing. That skinny guy with hair doesn't look too bad!!! I have kids older than he is. Little does he realize he is going to lose most of that hair and gain a few pounds but luckily he maintained his good looks 25 years later!

I cut my 1986 Super Delta from solid blue foam. It had a 72" delta wing had tricycle landing gear with big wheels and with the 60 glow motor would take off in less than 10 feet on grass. I cut it down to 66" because it didn't fit in my economy car. I had to lay down the passenger seat and insert the plane through the back drivers side door and put one wing up over the passenger seat and the other wing sat in the back window. I also enlarged the elevons especially at the tips. This plane flew well enough to be part of an RC airshow. It is one of my 25+ delta designs. I flew it for over 15 years before it died of fuel soaking and hanger rash. It never did have a major repair.

This plane may have saved my life.
I was flying inverted in an airshow (inverted hovering in the wind) when the gas motor died and I had to do an emergency landing and didn't make it back to the runway. The plane ended up landing in the Jordan River than is next to the Saratoga flying field you can see in an old AP picture I took below. I jumped into the river to go get it but the spring run off was colder, deeper and faster than I expected so I was fully dressed and in water over my head. The plane and I were getting carried away by the current. I ended up climbing onto the plane and using it as a kick-board to get back to shore. In case you are wondering... after I dried out the radio the plane was great and flown the next week without other repair. There is a line of trees along the edge of the river so no one at the airshow had realized I had entered the river and nor had seen what had nearly happened.
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