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#4 Hercules flying with 34 oz trailer ball 6-2-11 (4 min 9 sec)

72" Hercules Pusher FPV (4 min 25 sec)

What makes the FPV Hercules Gentle Giant so unique???

The new FPV Hercules is swept for a more modern look and improved balance.
Our Reaper has wing area of 4.5, the basic Hercules has 8.0 square feet of wing.
6" and 12" wing extensions available to increase wing area to 10 square feet.
It uses a unique four elevon system for decreased drag and increased stability.
It is fun to fly and stable enough for newer flyers that can fly with ailerons.
It takes off the ground!!! IT TAKES OFF THE GROUND!!!
Pilot has both hands on transmitter during take offs and touch and goes.
It has a low profile that makes it incredibly stable on the ground.
Front motor design creates a ground effect that shortens the take off distance.
It is an amazingly stable camera platform. Watch the videos.
It is easy to stay oriented to and looks great in the air.
It has a custom 8.6% custom high lift low drag airfoil.
The airfoil is thick enough for FPV cameras to be in the wing not on the wing.
It has a fantastic glide and the ability to carry a surprising weight.
It is a modified delta design that is not sensitive to stall at low speeds.
It has a deep cord with a lot of wing area for it's wingspan.
It is a big plane that can fly slow enough to be flown in a baseball diamond.
Excellent top end performance. It is faster than it looks because of it's size.
Designed to use lower cost batteries, motors, propellers, ESCs and servos.
Designed to have high performance with 3 cell lipoly batteries.
Can fly with 4 cell lipoly batteries for quick power and performance upgrade.

It is huge!! It has 8 square feet of wing.
It has lots and lots of space to install batteries and radio and camera gear.
The big wing has low wing loading with a gentle glide on approach.
Bigger planes are less jerky in pitch and roll for better video
It will fly fast or glide surprisingly slow with a heavy load.
It will fit in an economy car even though it has 8 square feet of wing area.

Split elevon
It has four elevons, two on the right wing and two on the left wing.
The elevons can be programed as traditional elevons or in a custom elevator/elevon mixing.
The elevons can be programed so only the tip elevons are set up for elevon function.
At the same time the middle control surfaces are set up as elevator only to maintain reflex.
The enlarged split elevons focus energy where it needs to be to decrease drag and yaw.
There isn't a "Dead Zone" without reflex in the middle of the wing like a pusher design.
The split elevons create reflex tip to tip improving elevator control at slow speeds.
The split elevon rolls are much more stable than single elevons at slow speeds.
Can use smaller, less expensive servos because each servo controls a smaller surface.
The plane in the videos flew at 9 lb only used $7 MG90 servos and flies great!!!!

Wing Extensions
Wing extensions are available to increase the wing span.
Extensions are 6" to 12" to increase wing area from 8 to 10 square feet!!!
Wing span jumps from 66" to 78".
Wing extensions offer the flat nose design for more visibility from FPV and cameras.
The Hercules with a 12" extension will still fit in the passenger seat of a Toyota Corolla.
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