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***Hercules Gentle Giant AP/FPV***

Hercules Gentle Giant AP/FPV

The Hercules is now available as a pusher or a twin puller kit. See the pictures below.

Many of our Grim Reaper flyers have blackmailed me into designing a bigger AP/FPV plane. They have made many demands of what they want to see if I ever want my dog back. I hope they keep the dog. He howls all night, tears up the furniture and wets on the carpet but since they are my friends I thought I would see what I could do.

They requested a plane that is:

Easy and fun to fly but hard to break
Takes off the ground but is also easy to hand launch
Flies well with big batteries and a heavier payload
Can be transported in a smaller car
Economical to buy/ship, uses inexpensive batteries and motors
Stocked with immediate foreign or domestic shipping
Stable in both pitch and roll for camera stability
Stealthy and quiet

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Watch the videos to see why we decided to call this plane the Hercules Gentle Giant.

#3 Hercules Touch and Goes (music) 6-10-11 (4 min 33 sec)

Here is a videos of maiden flight of Herc Pusher configuration.

Herc Pusher 63" with 808 #16D (5 min 20 sec)

Hercules Pusher Maiden flight (4 min 27 sec)

Here is the 78" Hercules. It has a 12" blunt nose.

78" Hercules Wind Surfing (5 min 57 sec)

Some auto pilots need conventional elevons. Here is a demonstration.

Hercules with traditional elevons 9-11 (4 min 37 sec)

Here is some FPV by Rocky one of our 17 year old customers.

FPV Hercules Up To 3500 feet (4 min 14 sec)

The Lagoon Fpv Hercules (4 min 0 sec)

For more information go to

I need to thank the club and camera guys for their help, especially Ken, Kevin, John L., Jeff P., Mike, Mike and Mike. I need to give the biggest thanks to my wife who realizes that RC is cheaper than therapy and supports me in my obsessive compulsive projects.

Here is the reaction of a fanatical flyer in our club to our new Hercules Gentle Giant designed for FPV.

"Lee does a great job of coming up with new ideas, but I think this one will be a big old honking feather in his cap, and I'll bet he sells a lot of them. This is a great design. At one point he flew by and he said "yeah, I put a 2" trailer hitch ball on it to simulate (34 oz more) battery weight" and I laughed... I thought he was totally kidding. But then he landed and pulled off a giant metal ball and I was like "oh man, I hang around (local flyers) too much, I forgot how to take somebody seriously when they say something outrageous with a straight face. I'm definitely going to be in the market for one of those bigger FPV planes for those times when I want long flights, or very stable flights. Being able to land, taxi, and take off with an EPP wing is such a cool idea too. Great design Lee. Sounds like you've already sold quite a few to local FPV guys. You have a winner!!!!" Todd

The building instructions are at our website. Here are the building videos

Building Videos. From Start to Flight

#1 Gluing and spars
#2 Motor mounts and spars
#3 Shock Cord
#4 Tape and Laminate
#5 Elevons and Hinges
#6 Servos, wires and fins
#7 Prepare to Fly
#8 Maiden Flight with plane we built

The reason we keep the instructions on our web site is so we can make instant changes as we get feedback so our other builders and flyers will instantly know there is an update. If we are seeing trends or reoccurring questions that need to be answered we can address them in a timely manner and all of the customers will know not just the few that follow the threads. All of the builders will get the newest information every time they reopen our building instructions at
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