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i hate to be the bearer of bad news but i got bored and took my extra 260 down the park with a mate.

Took off fine but the rudder was playing up in flight. Also i think i didnt set the timer on the tx and hit LVC while in flight. Lost all power and had very little control over her.

It was heading straight for the main road so i had to bring her in quick and hot. I did pretty well considering. She did a cartwheel. I ran over and the tail has snapped off right where the elev stab connects onto the plane.

Im so happy i crashed it instead of the plane continuing onto the main road and causing a massive accident on the main road. There could of been alot more damage. Like loss of life and all that nasty stuff. So in one way im pissed off but also very glad.

Silly me let it hit the LVC in flight. I was trying to show off a bit to my mate as well.

Long story short it has snapped the tail right at the back where the elev stab goes on. It was a very clean break. Whats the best method to make it strong again.

I was thinking i would get some short pieces of 2mm carbon spa and stick them in the foam ether side of the break and then use 5min epoxy and press the two sides together. Then once all that dries then run a thin bead of hot glue on the outside of the join. Then finally put some tape over all of that.

Will that work or whats the best method to make the break strong again?

I think my rudder servo stuffed up as well but i havent inspected it all yet. Still trying to get over the shock and frustration that i crashed my little baby. But seriously so glad i had a massive dirt nap and it didnt end up on the main road.
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