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Originally Posted by twilkers View Post
yeah, hate to lose it to stupidity, but likely I'm not the first one.

I really like this size of plane and I want another. I still have the 51 slick and 41edge. A50-12L, castle 120hv, 798gmg, and I've run it on both 8S and 6S.

Sort of thinking velox but not sure the same motor and servos will move over easily. comments?

Originally Posted by twilkers View Post
do you guys know how an extra compares to the slick or the velox?

of course, I would like to use the same gear.

Sure that gear will transfer. People fly the Velox on a DL-30, which adds about a pound to it I think. Your setup will only be a few ounces over the optimally spec motor. It'll fly great.
I've owned the velox, extra, and slick. I wound up selling the Extra and keeping the Slick and Velox. The Extra and Slick fly extremely similar to each other. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other.
On my 6s setups the weights were 1/2 lb different each.
Velox, 8.5lb. Slick 9lb. Extra 9.5lb.
The Velox is a 3d monster. Much more than either the Slick or Extra. It's a lot of fun. Uber stable harriers, hovers super easy too, easiest of the three, the tail has more authority and whips around better/quicker than the other two. Waterfalls are tight, knife edge spins - awesome. I love my big Velox!
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