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Originally Posted by bobflyman View Post
Thanks Tony. The beeping is my vario (variometer) on my right leg. (Gps is on left which shows ground speed, direction, glide ratio, has airmap etc.) The vario beeps when I'm in lift. the stronger the lift the faster the beeps. Nice sound. If you're in sink in makes a horrible screech which gets higher the stronger the sink. Horrid sound. It's also shows climb rate, sink rate, height ato and asl. And records the duration of the flight, max height and max sink/lift.

A comment re the software versions and improvements. I think (apart from battery life) it's pretty good now and can't see a great need for 60 fps, esp if it means more lost frames. My frame loss seems to be almost nil.
I'd like to see the green/brown hunting problem fixed. That for me is the only downside to these cams now.
Yes. What a great video. Had me absorbed the whole way through.

These cameras have introduced a whole new level to sports video haven't they? With the quality they produce even the uninvolved public are attracted to the images.
So good, so cheap, so small. A winning combination.

And thanks to Tom for his efforts which has spurned the developers along

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