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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
The mystery is explained in the link to external power in post #3. Maybe you can post a picture of the cables that comes with the jumbo, sounds like they are slightly different from the the smaller versions, (except the plug pinouts are the same for external power).

<edit> I found a picture of the new cables. They have modified the car charger cable... with just the car 12V socket and a plug for the 2 wire extension cable to the camera mini-usb. THAT one will have the two adjacent pins powered on the mini-USB end (we refer to them as pins 4 and 5 here, but x and 4 on your post). That is necessary to power the camera and allow it to automatically start a new recording after a recording stops automatically (from either a programmed S/S/C sequence or from the 4GB file system limit. The other fatter round cord should have 4 wires with normal USB pinouts. This should probably be show in the FAQs... probably best place is in the external power link we already have?<edit>
Perhaps an improved phrasing of that link on post #3 to include "car" "lighter" or so. Its an excellent work by Isoprop ! .
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