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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
If your camera averages about 65 MB/min. like mine does, the 100 min recording time would be about 6.5 GB, easily fitting on an 8GB flash memory card. Maybe you are thinking of your other HD camera that records with MJPEG video codec?
Tom, yes I suppose I was .. I thought it was 4Gb needed per 20 minutes..but .. anyway I have several 16GBs anyway cause I got them for the Sunglass cam that gobbled a lot of memory, and often recharge the No 11. battery from a cigarette lighter in the field.. Today I let the new Jumbo battery run on out.. it only used half the 16Gb chip's memory doing so and I'm pretty sure it was at least 100 minutes or more...but i could not compute easily how much video record time I got.. it was in several filed restarted mid way and I did nto want to use it in a restaurant over Lunch. I also noticed the same old annoying beeps re-occur as the battery gets low.. I find the AMBER LED harder to see in the sun inside these cases too, and I may open the hole a little if I can figure out how to get in it.. there are no screws .. it snaps together, I got the silver end off easily but did not want to damage it by possibly prying it open incorrectly. this one is a BMW.. I like it cause the pointy end has the lens hole in it.. but it's very fat. the Tercel silver gray model is a little slimmer and shorter but not as cool looking. JimS
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