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Tom Frank, THANK YOU for all your hard work on this subject :-) I have just finished 8 hours of on/off reading of all the posts in this thread! Whew!

OK so I started out with a 808 #3 a few years ago which still works fine. Picked it up at a trade show. Anyway, fast forward to a week or two ago when I purchased a new one from eBay and when I did a search, found this wonderful thread.

I am happy to say I have a #11 version of the camera and just flashed it to Rel 2, Remove Time Stamp S/S/C first shot, 100% success.

The only problem I had I just fixed which was a poorly focused camera. I cracked it open and while in Webcam mode, unscrewed the front lens cap a bit until it was much better.

I am not sure what the minimum focus distance is but it sure is quite short. Anyhow, the cap was really tight and at first I thought it was fixed. Luckily i had the guts to push a little harder and it gave a bit so I was able to make the fine adjustment.

A little mounting project for those who care about such minutiae. I use this as a car recorder "just in case" I ever get into an accident. I also would hate to ever stick anything to my wonderful little cam so I needed a different way to attach it. I bought a $0.33 cent plastic ruler at CVS (US) and some Scrungi (hair bands for girls) bands, all black and covered in soft spandex... I just attach the camera to it with the bands and insert the ruler into my overhead sun visor until the camera is just about to touch the windshield.

That's about it... now looking for other mount ideas for when I am doing sports etc without actually sticking anything to the camera :-)

Once again, thanks for this wonderful resource.
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