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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Bob, that was an awesome paraglider flight! I didn't see a scale on the map... how far did you travel? I've done one tandem paraglider flight, but seeing a full size light aircraft flying past BELOW me would have really freaked me out. I wonder if he saw you??
Thanks Tom. Ooops I've just seen the FAQ comment about only posting vids about rc model flying! That said, I enjoyed the solo light aircraft flight posted recently and others too that are slightly off topic.

Flight was only 30k ish, 1 hour 20 mins, but my best cross country in the UK so far and it was quite a buzz boating about for a good while at cloud base. 5,200 feet is similar to my previous best UK height. Previous best distance was about 10k in the UK. UK record is close to 200k. I was in France last month and did a 37k through the Provence Alps. (Also a best for me.) The record in France is something like 300k !

The light aircraft did freak me out a bit too and I also wondered if he'd seen me. I heard the noise of his engine before I saw him. Paragliders are slow flyers and can't avoid anything. I thought about reporting an airprox, but to be honest, I didn't really feel endangered , I just hope he had seen and avoided me. Not as bad as being overflown at 100 feet or so by a helicopter which happened to me once. I filed an airprox for that one, and the inquiry found 'my safety was not ensured'. One step below being endangered. A paraglider will often turn into a bag of washing in that kind of turbulence. I was lucky though, and nothing happened?
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