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Originally Posted by victapilot View Post
1080p seems attractive, but 60FPS would be better for AV, and a lot of the folks on the Gopro threads agree. I suppose they did some market research - good luck to them!
I don't know how much market research they did other than to see other cameras with this capability and they felt the need to come out with one also to stay in the hunt. They DID ask my opinion on the subject, though... here's my feedback to them:
"I understand your wanting to get into the 1080p market with a lower priced camera... that's a niche that needs to be filled by a capable camera. The #13 is not that camera as you have mentioned. You may have read my comments on the sample video from it that was posted in my thread a while back. They had to drop the frame rate down to 15 fps to keep from dropping frames, but that results in “jumpy” video. If you can do 30 fps with no dropped frames, you will have a big advantage right there. And it has exposure shifts and vignetting issues as well. A good CMOS/lens module to get uniform exposure across the entire frame with good color control may be the biggest hurdle, but not impossible. And a way to toggle from 1080p @ 30fps to 720p @ 60 fps would make this camera have a very high demand, even if price point is a little higher, I think. I’ll be very interested to see what you can come up with."

If they had a CMOS/lens module that could cover the full 1920x1080 HD frame size at 30 fps with no dropped frames and not have vignetting any worse than the current #11, then a separate video mode that would subsample the center 1280x720 pixel frame size at 60 fps would be possible with no dropped frames (lower average video bit rate) and produce a superior video in this size/price range! I don't really have much desire for the full 1080p HD videos... the file sizes alone make this a bit unwieldy, and a jumbo size would be necessary in any event to hold a big enough battery for a reasonable recording time (which would likely be similar to the current normal #11.
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