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Originally Posted by D.B. Hooper View Post
A bit of history on this. This guy(new to our club nick name Sargent) was claiming everyone is to fly a "race track pattern when more than one plane is in the air. Their is no such rule in our club. What we do have is a landing and take off pattern (just like any club) once you are out over the flying area you can fly as you wish as long as your safe and do not cross the infinity line. Take offs, landings, and touch and goes are all to be announced.

Our club is run by a group of guys who have pasted leadership back and forth for the last 35 years or more. A very clickish group. Most of them rarely fly and seem to rather enjoy delegating authority than anything. (control freaks) Quite dysfunctional in my opinion.

To: #### RC Pilots association 7-10-11

Incident at the flying field today.

Today at the flying field as I was flying from north to south when my plane collided with another members plane. I was flying in a straight line off the runway over the field when we hit. The Damage was very minor.
Immediately after our planes clipped wing tips #### (last name unknown) became extremely verbally abusive to me.
" You hit my plane you f-ing s.o.b !" He then continued to my flying station ranting and raving in my face as I was trying to land my plane. I told #### several time to get away from me as I was trying to land. This caused me to almost louse control of my plane and could have been very dangerous.
After landing #### continued with his ranting, raving and cussing of how I wasn't flying a "race Pattern" and crashed into him. A yelling match began . This was the worst case of un sportsman like conduct I have ever witnessed at #####. Even if the crash was my fault #### actions where totally uncalled for and a direct violation of the Code of Conduct. What I found strange was the fact that both the club president and secretary where both present and stood by and did nothing to stop ####'s verbal abuse. In fact the club official added insult to injury by lambasting me saying I think I own the club and can do whatever I want or something to this effect. (what???)
In the four years I've been flying at ##### I have never once heard of or seen the "Race pattern" enforced.
With three or four planes in the air this would be a good idea however nowhere in the club rules or bi laws is this mentioned in any way. I did not violate any club safety rule or bi- law. All of this could have been avoided had #### acted in a sportsman like manner. Had I thought the crash was my fault I would have offered to buy him a new plane. This was nothing more that an unfortunate no fault accident. I only used obscene language after #### called me a "SOB". No grown man I know is going to stand there while someone calls them a SOB and do nothing.

Specifically #### broke the following rules:

Used abusive or obscene language.
Behaved in as threatening or aggressive manner.
Behaved in an un-sportsman-like discourteous manner.
Caused a very dangerous situation by verbally attacking me while I was flying.

The reason I have resigned from ##### is because of what the secretary of the club said to me.
I've spent countless hours working on things at ##### , mowing , working on making it easer and more comfortable not just for myself but for the club. Anyone who knows me well knows this. I can't think of anyone who has single handedly run off more people from SRCPA and this hobby the Mr. ##### with his pompous arrogant altitude. If anyone thinks ##### is their own personal flying club it would be Mr.#####.

With that I bid you farewell.

What would you do? I resigned in haste and wish I hadn't now as I have thousands of dollars of planes, now with no place to fly. This is my only hobby and I love it. I maybe allowed to rejoin but I'm not sure.

Your comments would be much apreciated.
Thanks foir your time.
D.B. Hooper
Are you younger than and fly better than most of them?? Are your planes nicer? Your story seems to suggest lots of resentment of you for some reason.... Anyway, probably best you left. To stay and "work through" such things will probably cause more resentment...if in fact, that is the case... Just wondering...
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