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Originally Posted by LizardMan View Post

Or, get smart and sell my DX8 and pickup an SD10. I have a DX6i for BNF craft with built-in Spektrum RX.

How do I unlock the throttle stick from the throttle channel? As long as the stick is linked to that channel it prevents a mix from using it.

The throttle stick is still required to source an input signal for mixes (flaps or crow), just allow us to unlink the direct throttle signal flow allowing a mix to take over. All it would take is a check box in a setup screen, swap THR with AUX2 on un-powered craft. Stop wasting a channel.
The SD10 or the JR 9503 are great sailplane radios. SD10 uses different receivers. JR9503 uses sames receivers as the DX8.

I don't own a DX8 but I would be surprised if the throttle stick is locked to the throttle channel. Only the lowest end computer radios do that. While the DX8 may not have sailplane programming I would be willing to bet you can assign other things to the throttle channel on your receiver.

On my Futaba 9C super we speak in terms of channel numbers. The receiver has channel 1 to whatever. I can assign channel 3 (normally throttle) to other things and I can assign other functions to the left stick. And I can move throttle control so a switch, a slider or a dial.

I use left stick to control my flaps on my gliders. I would imagine the DX8 can do something similar to that.

I am not trying to say my radio is better than yours. I am trying to open up your view of how functions are likely mapped in your radio. Thinking of the left stick as the throttle stick which is tied to the throttle slot on your receiver may be true, but I doubt it.

It is quite possible that your DX8 can do exactly what you want it to do. You just don't know how to do it.

Perhaps someone who knows the DX8 will explain it. Or you can call Spektrum support. Or you can check the manual to see if it tells you how to do it.

I am not tyring to upset or insult you. I am saying that I think your radio can do more than you think it can do.
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