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Supporting a full-house (6-ch) sailplane with DX8 and 6255

I purchased a used full house sailplane. The previous owner removed his RX, and left the rest in place. I planned to replace the RX with a 6255 I already have. It seemed an obvious and easy conversion from his F brand setup to Spektrum.

However, I can't figure out how to wire this 6-channel RX to operate all of the servos in this craft. The DX8 6-ch sailplane download assumes the use of a 7+ channel RX. One channel (thr) is unused, this is silly and wasteful. The fus is narrow and features two antenna mount tubes for pig-tail 2.4GHz antennas (like those on the 6255). A 6255 is a perfect drop in replacement, except the DX8 wont work.

The docs for the AR6255 suggest use in 6ch carbon sailplanes. It's a perfect fit in the fus. The fus is a kevlar and carbon fiber mix making the 6255's twin pig-tail antennas a perfect match.

An 8000 will not fit, has the wrong antenna layout and lacks the pre-set fail-safe mode the 6255 supports.

I can not use a Y-cord on this craft to link the flaps, because the flaps are mounted as mirrored across the plane. I use a Y-cord with the RadianPro, because the flap servos are mounted in a non-mirrored fashion.

How do I use of the RX throttle channel for an Ail or flap channel?

The in Marketing who decided the DX8 wont support sailplanes needs a swift hard kick in the nuts! The DX10 isn't shipping, who knows when it will and there's no real reason the DX8 can't support mapping the throttle channel to support sailplanes. Pure marketing BS.
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