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I am a newbie here, but I do wonder if some of the trouble people are having with the Corsair has to do with their transmitter.

I see "porpoising" with my Corsair, but it may have more to do with over-controlling the elevator than with improper balance. I know that some people are running reduced rate or expo on the elevator, but I am using the transmitter from my RTF T-28, so dual rate is all or nothing.

Also, comparing the Corsair to the T-28, the way the elevator is constructed is different. In the Corsair, the connection between the 2 sides of the elevator is very flexible. What effect might that have?

I'm certainly not saying that none of the Corsairs are out of balance, but mine flew pretty well out of the box. Mostly what it lacks is pilot skill

Also, I have made several repairs on my Corsair now, and the weight of this little plane is increasing with every repair. That can't be good.

So, I am thinking of getting a DX6i. Will that help me be a better pilot?

I have a feeling the programmable rates and expo will be very useful, especially on the Corsair. Isn't is also possible to mix elevator with the throttle to help make it easier to maintain level flight?
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