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Originally Posted by telos81 View Post
thanks for the tips! this advice definitely points me back towards the Pole Cat.

and for clarity: i certainly don't need more 1Cell Lipos - and i think that's the general consensus ... most of us don't even prefer the lipos they ship with (hyperion for the win!). so i'd be happy to buy a "basic BNF" which doesn't have the battery
Originally Posted by UNGN View Post
I think if you were to fly both, you would prefer the 300 over the polecat.

You can pull off things with the 300 that would cause all other UM's into a ball of crumpled foam.

I can fly around my yard in full knife edge 2 ft off the ground, roll 180 degrees and knife edge on the other side, then knife edge up into a 30 second hover, 4 ft off the ground, then do a rolling climb out... And this is my first 3D plane.

I only fly my 300 outdoors and it can be flown in more wind than many UM's, like a Albatros or any of the old miniums or a P-51, which isn't much, but less than 5 mph winds are fine. Dead calm is ideal, and the 300 rocks in dead calm.

I love my 300 also. But 3d flying is a different style of flying over pattern flying. he has to know what his skill level is and if he wants to do 3d flying (as there are lots of folks that dont care for it). The 300 is awesome and if you are flying over grass, can be pretty sturdy to. I have 50+ crashes on mine already and have only broken it once. Some ca and it was back in action! So again, think about which style of flying you are wanting to do, then go with the appropriate plane. The 300 is not a first plane type. I would actually rate it around 4th or 5th. This is my personal opinion on progression line for flying. Champ, then t28, then either p51 or sukhoi then to 3d if you want to learn it. without actually flying the pole-cat I would assume it was somewhere in between the p51 and the sukhoi xp in terms of skill level, just from the video I saw.
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