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Most of the people writing on here are correct in their statements.
Does Eliminator have more product? Absolutely. They have a huge amount of stock. The problem is that they don't always bring in the right product so they end up trying to pawn stuff off on unknowing customers. I go there at least once a week, buy parts that I don't want to wait for getting shipped for my trucks but won't buy much else there.
As to the helicopter incident in the beginning, problem with Eliminator is that they really don't know planes and heli's. Besides that, they just are a different type of person than your traditional retail people. I managed retail for 20 years and know quite well how to deal with people, and trust me, these people don't know how.
I will give them some points for trying, but at the base, they are rude, and it is about the dollar for them. To be in retail you need to love people. They owners and their kid don't. I have watched them talk down to people. I have watched them lie to people. I have watched them rip people off. If you were to stand their and observe how they are with people when they are busy, it is like they are ticked off because they are busy so they try to rush things. They don't realize that this hobby costs a lot of money.
To Weekend Flyer.
Did you call and talk to Kerri at Cellar about the problem? He and his father own it and I have never seen them not be responsible for mistakes. Even though it was a lot of gas for you to go back, Kerri would have compensated you in some way. That is the way he is. Does he have a new guy who probably doesn't know where everything is, I think I saw someone new there, but at least the guy knew to ask Jim which is better than searching around wasting your time, right?
I know they are trying to get all inventory, etc online but they don't want to do a hack job like Eliminator. Come on guys, do you really find their site helpful? It has that old 80's look kind of like the staff. Yes, at least it has product on it, I agree, but the chain background is dated and the structure could use some help.
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