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Originally Posted by telos81 View Post
i just saw some review on the UMX Extra 300 - now i am torn between the Pole Cat and the UMX 300!

BTW, they do sell the "BNF Basic" which doesn't have the charger nor battery and it's $20 less then the "BNF" version! someone earlier suggested that taking out the charger and battery would only save $5-7 ...

i like that the UMX 300, like the pole cat, uses the same 1 Cell batteries that my other micros use (the 2 Cell batteries for the UMX Beast are way too much!). although at my skill level (which is pretty low, hehehe) the Pole Cat would probably be a better choice. and i would imagine the Pole Cat will handle wind better then the UMX 300; since i'd be flying outside - that would certainly be a consideration. the Pole Cat looks much cooler then the 300 of course too
The Basic doesn't come with the charger, the four AA batteries (that's a decent cost), but the main thing is the fact that it doesn't come with a 1S battery either (which cost $10 @ HH). I think the guys were talking about removing only the charger and AA batteries....

The Extra is mostly an indoor airplane (but you can fly it outdoor if there's NO wind). It's very slow, and if you don't use full rates to start with, it's kind of tame, since it can fly almost as slow as a Parkzone Vapor! Biggest difference between most other UMs is the fact that you do have to use the rudder way more though. (You can fly most UMs without using the rudder, but not this one the Extra or the 4-Site).
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