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I am new in the RC plane hobby. I have been to Cellar Dwellar and Eliminator and have found both of them to be a disappointment in different ways.

Cellar Dwellar has very nice people and willing to help however they don't necessarily guide you to buy the right stuff. I went in wanting a parkflyer trainer and they suggested an intermediate plane that wasn't a trainer at all. I'm glad I did some homework and decided not to buy it. Another time I went in wanting some props, control horns etc for a small micro plane. They sold me parts made for a larger plane and said it would fit my plane. No way these parts fit but it wasn't worth the $15 in gas to go back to return $10 worth of parts. I ended up buying them online for less money (including shipping from China). Nice friendly people but you better go in there knowing exactly what you need. I have been there 6 times in the past year. Jim seems to be the only guy there who knows where anything is. There is another guy (don't know his name) who needs to ask Jim about everything. I asked him for a 6x4 prop and he looked at Jim who then got the prop. I then asked for shrink tubing and again he looked at Jim who got the tubing. I'm not sure what his role is but you would think he would know some basics of the hobby. Prices are on average lower than Eliminator for planes but choices are limited. Not a bad place to go if you need something now and can't wait for an online order. I don't understand why they don't have at least some of their most popular products or specials available online with pricing. They are on the other side of the city and perhaps it would entice me to go there more often if they showed some of their stuff online. They seem to be stuck in the "little shop" era with no potential for growth.

Eliminator has lots of RC planes in stock however they seem to be more expensive than Cellar Dwellar for the same items. I find it annoying that I am constantly followed around the aisles while I look at what they have. Somewhat friendly but I feel that some of the staff don't know much about RC planes other than what it says on the box. One time I was interested in buying a 2.4 transmitter and wanted to know the difference between Futaba and Spectrum. I wanted to learn a little about them but I wasn't ready to buy on that particular day. They weren't too interested as soon as they knew I wasn't buying that day. Had they spent the time with me I would have gone back and bought one a week later but decided not to buy it from them because of the bad feeling I got. The same thing has happened with lipo batteries.

I wish I had the money to start my own hobby shop. I honestly don't think it would take much to put both local hobby stores out of business. Both shops are lacking business sense in their own way. I bet whichever shop takes the first initiative to teach staff about their products, customer service, and proper advertising techniques would quickly take the lead over the other.
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