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I like doing rudder turns with slight opposite aileron so that the wing is freakishly flat. Looks neat. I learned to do it while flying on the prop with a UM 4-Site in a much too small area where on-wing-flying would just been banked at all times and scary. So I was high alpha at all times instead. I was more comfortable turning flat and staying in high alpha than banking and yanking. I have a taileron plane for bank and yank.

Yes, the P-51D uses the same motor as the F4U.

The F4U that I have right now was assembled by me and I didn't use a lot of glue. However, I used a lot less glue on the motor mount than Horizon does. I used a light glue, they use piles of silicone. So mine may have been tail heavy from the factory, and my rebuild may be "nose-light". I'll have to take a look at CG sometime when I have the manual and the plane in the same place. I'd like to use as little ballast as possible and have it as far forward and close to the center of the fuse as possible. A dime under the nose might fix CG fore-aft, but top-bottom is guaranteed to be horribly balanced after.

I will:
~Check CG with dime fore/aft like people usually check
~Check CG with dime up/down to try to explain bad inverted performance
~Remove dime, check CG both ways
~Add lead shot to the nose of the fuse with tape to get CG correct
~Glue lead shot into the fuse at the nose

I don't have any loading supplies out here, so I'll have to take a razor to a shotshell.
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