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Originally Posted by Vic Arcudi View Post
Basically Starmax have produced a B-17 fuselage which needs a complete rebuild.
Cockpit canopy & fairing are completely misshapen, including the turret, which is a joke.
The chin turret's way too large
Nose windows NEVER extended that far back & are the wrong size & shape.
The waist gun windows are way too small & located too low (the left waist gun's where the elsan toilet should be).
The ball turret's too squashed, & has the guns sticking out the WRONG SIDE
The rear turret's oversize & looks like a greenhouse.
Landing gear's nowhere near scale
The landing lights were located ONLY outboard of the engine nacelles
The cowls are a joke, as are the superchargers
The bomb bay's too narrow & too far back
The only nice thing is the camo & decals.
I wondered if it was just me that noticed all this on the larger Starmax. Starmax did a pretty good job on some of their fighters in the last six months, not sure what happened to the B-17? To spend that much money on tooling and not go the little extra work to get things some what close seems crazy. The wing looks pretty good, everything else is just too far off for me. I'll go with the mid size and live with the panel lines, maybe add a nose turret. Hard to believe how many chouces there are now.

Cheers -- Stacker
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