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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Swelling like that can occur to some degree as the lipos age, but over-discharge can do it prematurely, as can over-charging. But the battery's small protection circuit board should prevent both of those IF it functions properly. I doubt if they are highly accurate or reliable, though. The #11 also has a chage IC on the main circuit board as well to mange the charge.

I have quite a few flight power lipos that have puffed up just from aging.

Thanks Tom. The cam has been used less than two months, so age is not to blame. The fall might have damaged the protection circuit, but I'm just speculating.

We'll see if replacing the battery revives the cam.

I also want to add, that dealing with Diana has been an absolute pleasure - she's been prompt, courteous, and accommodating of my request (I just ordered and got a great deal on a second cam with a spare battery for my dead cam).
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