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Originally Posted by CygnusX1 View Post
I went to the field I usually fly at with the ASW-28 and the camera today. The lot was empty except for a few cars at the extreme perimeter. The wind was about 2-4 knots and there were vultures thermalling. This is the first flight with the new motor. As you can see in the video it certainly was eager to climb. I did about 2 laps of the field when all of a sudden... the cops showed up. He asked if I had a permit. I said I am an AMA member if that means anything. He said he didn't know what that meant. I asked for permission to bring the plane in and I did an OK landing. The tail base gelcoat cracked a little more. Anyhow, he told me that I could only fly there on certain days. I said OK which days, he said he didn't know but I should call the Parks Department. I said the AMA lets me fly as long as conditions are safe. He said conditions are not safe, there are vehicles present. I just said OK, have a good day and packed up. All of the vehicles were parked along the far edge of the field and unoccupied. People park there to access the hiking trails in the woods. It's basically a huge abandoned parking lot with a grassy area on one end the size of four or five soccer fields (behind the camera). I rarely ever see anyone at the place. Sometimes I see someone flying an RC plane there on Fridays, mid-day. I will try to call around to see if I can find out what permit he was talking about. He gave me no info. Gotta love living in the USA...too many rules and regs...and lawyers and insurance companies. If you don't play a canned sport here in the US you are discriminated against.
Probably wanted to flex his badge a bit. Ever notice that when a cop says something stupid that they never back down. No one around, cars parked along the far edge, and the winds are clam. Yet the conditions are unsafe. What a dooche bag.

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