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Aurora 9 - Firmware Upgrade - V1.08(1)

Originally Posted by Buzzkill2 View Post
Im still using the last firmware version before the latests. Any reason I should upgrade? No issues so far. I can't say how much im happy I got an A9. Little nervous about going to the latest firmware since the version I have has zero problems. Thoughts?
Aurora 9 - Firmware Updates V1.07 & V1.08(0).....Screen shots of the new displays plus additonal information includes planned updates for V1.08+.

V1.08(1) online 11Jul11 - contains the following amendments:

1. Spelling changes as lower or upper case letter
. System and Model
MODE - Mode
. Stick Mode MODE 1 : Mode 1 (2,3 and 4)
[Flight Cond]NORMAL : [Flight COND]Normal
NORMAL - Normal
INSERT - Insert
Cond - COND
SET - Set
Thro. - THRO.
[Throttle Curve] : NORMAL - Normal
Info - INFO
NULL - Null
NONE - None
Thro.Cut - THRO.Cut
ThroLock - THROLock

- Spectra Pro
Modulat - MODU
Freq Sel - FREQ.SEL

- Timer
DOWN - Down
UP - Up

2. In the V-tail mix, under Butterfly function, Rudder channel is not working in the V1.08(0), in that (+) and (-) mixing value cannot be adjusted, this bug fixed.

3. Spoiler Channel Control with Throttle stick (Mode 1 - J2, Mode 2 - J3), between the direction of Throttle stick and direction Elevator movement are opposite each other under V1.08(0) is fixed.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

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