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[QUOTE=RealGambler;18738673]Wow, the foam is really awesome, thanks for showing it to us in details. Hope all future UMs come like that. Well, as long as it's not too brittle. (Sometime smoother foam is more brittle). Absolutely loved that full power handlaunch you made! Great little airplane for sure.

If I may, this is your best video so far, but.... Music was good, but was a bit too loud, particularly at the beginning (almost as loud as your voice so you may want to tone it down just a little in your next "most waited for" video, no matter what plane is coming up!). Also, during flight, it's literally covering the motor sound (which is a must to hear for us, yes, I know, we have heard those 8.5mm motors before, but it gives us a better idea of the speed of the airplane related to throttle input). Otherwise, it's definitively your best video for sure. It was like: bang, bang, bang, showing all the important stuff, very concise, and it was awesome that you had the XP and the Cat together for a great showdown, particularly on the foam quality.

Already looking forward for your next video. Hope it's a UMX Stryker! Keep them coming, Chuck, you're doing an awesome job. Remember though, we are jaleous, and we know where you live (well, somewhere in Australia). Horizon, put that guy on your Christmas list! He deserves it![/QUOT

I thought it was a great video
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