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If you started with a legal launch, then passed over point "A" (starting point), flew past point "B" (turn around point), ended by flying over "A" again without restarting your motor, landed without shedding parts of your plane, and someone witnessed these points, you made it. Where you flew in between those points isn't relevant. The sticky points are: If dad was at "B" did he see you pass "A", see your plane cross "B", come back in time to see you cross "A" again and land? Now if "A" was in front of the release zone or power down zone and "B" was 1K from that zone he would know simply by the fact you left the release zone that you passed it. With electric it's a bit trickier as it's hard to tell from 1K away if you shut down in time. The better solution would have been for dad to watch you launch then drive to "B" and let you know when you could turn around and then come back in time to see you pass "A" and land. However, give me a time to call you and discuss this further. Then I'll make the ruling. Yes, I do check up on peoples sheets and witnesses randomly or in cases such as this where it's a close call on a ruling. The funny part is. The only times so far that a re-do was needed the person suggested it before me wanting to make sure there was never a question as to the legitimacy of the task or detriment of the program. You guys make my job easy and the program's integrity and standards high.

As far as the ladder tasks go. Well I personally never thought they would be this difficult. I can make the time when I don't need them and can't seem to get them all when I do need them. I have even blown one by being 3 seconds short. It makes me a better pilot and I'm having fun so I get over it with a groan and a laugh. I will get there and it will be all the sweeter when I do.
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