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Originally Posted by monit111 View Post
ps this is my second AXN now and the reason for this is bought 1 to learn with and now i can fly the first 1 is to damiged and is being held up by glue lol i thing my AXN is 60% uhu 10% tape and 30% EPO

little tip if u plan to use fpv and would like a bigger battry than 2.2 MAH

buy a nano teck 3000 MAH lipo then under the wing but a hole the length of ur battry and the hight ( clean cut) then slide ur battry in ther and close the gap with same peace u removed and tape in place. then add all fpv gear at the front or towards the front as much as possable.

hope this helps
You might even want to try a different plane that is "like" the CF. Several of us in this thread own one. It is really intended for FPV. I hope it is OK to post in here. Ah heck, I will anyhow. 2500GENE will never find out. The Bixler is a great FPV plane because that is what it was intended for. It has about twice the area of the CF in the fuselage. Take a look at it HERE AND HERE - cool pictures and video. Oh. HERE is the thread if I have your interest. Those guys over there will help you out with ANYTHING you might want to know. Enjoy...
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