Thread: New Product AXN Floater-Jet (aka Cloud Fly)
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hi the new esc is called aoxan and it basicly is the exact copy of this but they re branded and painted it

it is infact so much alike they can be programed with the turnigy programing card

as i plan to use mine for fpv the first thing i did was swap that esc with 30A plush and used the stock 1 for somthing i wouldnt cry about if it droped from the sky

ps this is my second AXN now and the reason for this is bought 1 to learn with and now i can fly the first 1 is to damiged and is being held up by glue lol i thing my AXN is 60% uhu 10% tape and 30% EPO

but i love the fact so much can be done with it i removed 15 cm of each wing on the old 1 and sniped 2 cm of the aelivetor and what im left with is an insane bird.

little tip if u plan to use fpv and would like a bigger battry than 2.2 MAH

buy a nano teck 3000 MAH lipo then under the wing but a hole the length of ur battry and the hight ( clean cut) then slide ur battry in ther and close the gap with same peace u removed and tape in place. then add all fpv gear at the front or towards the front as much as possable.

i found out about the space when i stuck a snake cam in ther to have a look and was shocked about the space in ther

hope this helps
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