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Originally Posted by yabbadaba2 View Post
Here's a video for the exposure hunting and control crowd. I shot it at sunset the other night.

I've been dabbling in FPV so I had that on and recording when I decided to launch and try to get some sunset shots with the HD keyfob.

The interferrence that I was referring to in the video is on the FPV video downlink, not the HD keyfob.


If you're interested in "the rest of the story" here it is

"When I was flying at sunset yesterday we were all on visual. I happened to glance at the LCD monitor and it was so dark that it was really displaying well. So I decided to stand there and fly by the monitor. Then the other 3 guys started watching the monitor also. Nobody had visual on the plane !!

Sure enough I got waaaay out and started a turn and the picture went away. I was panicked and started calling for my spotter to tell me where the f.....king plane was.

Nobody knew ! They were watching the monitor with me !!! So they asked me where I thought I was since the picture had come back on (barely).

Thru the static I saw THE lake so I knew I was SW of our position and headed AWAY. So I told them which direction to look (see attached picture ).

I continued my turn, they continued to look and then thru the static I could see the brick building of the school !!! I was saved, all I had to do was keep coming straight at the school and Iíd be home.

Except it had been the wrong lake and I was now aiming at the Prison thinking IT was the school.....Everyone was STILL looking SW for my plane and then I saw a MAJOR 4-lane road that I was flying above going north !!! Well I knew that was Kipling (please God, let it be Kipling) So I alerted everyone that HEY, I think Iím over Kipling which is EAST of us, not SW !!! Look EAST !!!

After an eternity (1 Ė 2 minutes) JeDoug spotted the Radian headed back towards us from over on the east side of the school. I had him point it out to me and then everything ended up cool.

Good thing, I didnít want to have to bail my Radian out of the slammer."
Great Story! Great video too. Just got my #11 but it will be going on a SkySurfer so it may I may not get as stable a result. Until I get some gyros anyway.

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