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There also some other standard size servos GWS will provide:

New test result of S03N2 servos at early July 2011

S03N2 D  
mA t/60 degree Kg-cm
1600mA 0.126sec 8.5Kg-cm
1700mA 0.104sec 11.0Kg-cm
1900mA 0.086sec 13.5Kg-cm
2100mA 0.077sec 14.2Kg-cm

S03N2 F D  
1600mA 0.098sec 7.5Kg-cm
1700mA 0.084sec 9.5Kg-cm
1900mA 0.071sec 11.5Kg-cm
2100mA 0.062sec 12.5Kg-cm          

S03N2 XF D  
1600mA 0.082sec 6.5Kg-cm
170mA0 0.071sec 7.5Kg-cm
1900mA 0.061sec 9.0Kg-cm
2100mA 0.055sec 10.3Kg-cm

This is light weight 29g standard servo

Also a stronger version as well:

4.8V 2100mA 0.134sec 12.4Kg-cm
6.0V 2400mA 0.114sec 15.8Kg-cm
7.4V 2800mA 0.102sec 18.2Kg-cm
8.4V 3000mA 0.095sec 19.5Kg-cm

S03N2+F D  
2100 0.110sec 10.3 Kg-cm
2400 0.098sec 12.7Kg-cm
2800 0.081sec 14.6Kg-cm
3000 0.074sec 16.8Kg-cm

S03N2+XF D
2100 0.089sec 8.5Kg-cm
2400 0.078sec 10.5Kg-cm
2800 0.070sec 12.8Kg-cm
3000 0.064sec 14.0Kg-cm

The above current are measured under stall. The current of no load should be about half when compared with GWS S03Q3 servos.
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