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Originally Posted by RogerDH View Post
Since my eyes, tools, and soldering skills are all not so great, I intended to clip and splice -- I think there's enough room for that -- but instead I took Tom's suggestion and unwrapped the yellow tape and soldered the old leads to the new battery board. With my eyes, I needed a magnifying glass and a strong light, but it wasn't as hard as I expected.
Splicing can be made to work, I think, but I've not tried it mainly because there really is limited space for the wire. It needs to be just the right length and have small diameter AND flexibility to be fitted into the limited space so the cover will snap into place. Splicing will require cutting the wires to just the right length, prepping the wire ends for soldering, and adding tape or heat shrink to prevent shorting. The resultant joint will be rigid and larger diameter making it harder to fit so the case can be put back on flush. Soldering the existing wires from the camera circuit board to the battery circuit board eliminates those issues, but care does need to be taken to prevent solder bridging the two wire solder pads on the battery circuit board... they are very close together and a sharp tipped soldering iron is needed. Maybe someone who has done a splice can comment on the process?
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