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Originally Posted by bastun View Post
I would go to service menu and do calibration myself. Could you please teach me how to do it ?
Hi Bastun!

I really understand A.T. in this point, and he for sure is right! But i also understand you!

You know you can brick your radio with this....

But i think the calibration is so easy that hitec could even make this accessible in the normal usermenu like other radios already have this! (like the touchscreen calibration) Ive made this several times and it went well! (because my slider wasnt right calibrated and the middle beep was not in the mechanical middle of the slider)

So, aware of the risks, heres how its done:

1. Backup ALL of your models! All will be erased...
2. Hold LT, CT and RT down while powering your radio.
3. A fading Aurora-Text will appear, keep holding untill the menu appears.
4. on this menu select "Gimbals"
5. Now you have a screen with the gimbals, sliders and lots of numbers.
6. on the right side are buttons, hit "CLR" (clear) This resets all values!
7. Move ALL gimbals and sliders several times all the way around, all have to be moved in every end of possible direction!
8. Center ALL gimbals and sliders! Importand: Throttle center is mechanical center and not full down like zero throttle!
9. hit "Neu" (neutral) This saves the neutral point of the gimbals and sliders!
10. Now hit "SAV" (save) This saves the new calibration!
11. Hit the small exit button on the upper right corner until you are in the menu you previous selected "gimbals". There hit the big "Exit" button!
12. Now you are in the normal screen of the aurora. Turn off your radio. After ten seconds turn your Radio on and test your new calibration on the "Monitor" screen. If something went wrong just repeat this procedure.
13. Restore your models and be happy!

Whish you luck,
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