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Originally Posted by jims123 View Post
I sacrificed a couple old / broke No 3's to get at the latch assy inside.. It will clearly be a challenge getting inside the case of the reader to work on the latch itself.. yes there is a real spring inside that could easily be removed.. problem is if you google microSD latch and select images you'll see there are dozens of different manufacturers so what you see here in these No 3's may not be what's in the No 11's now.

by the way there is a little u shaped piece shown that came out of one of them but I couldn't find it in the other.. desoldering it with the right tools is possible but getting the right desoldering tool likely is as costly as a new cam.. Good Luck Hope this helped.. BTW this was shot with a $32 USB microscope cam from Deal Extreme
I successfully fixed my #11 flash card latch today. I used an old low wattage (probably about 20 watts) iron with a long taoered tip about the size of a pencil lead at the tip. This proved to be perfect for totally removing the card holder cover. First, the two solder tabs near the camera case edge were heated and lifted with a tiny screwdrive inserted into the card slot. Then the two tiny tabs on toward the circuit board center were similarly lifted, freeing the entire metal top. I did this first on my dead #3, then on the #11. I replaced all the components in the #11 (long spring, slider, and tiny catch wire) with those from the #3, as well as the cover. My #11 had previously stopped latching, and had I managed to fatigue and break off the thin case tab that pushes down on the catch wire, and also put a slight bend in the catch wire pushing down on it with a small screw driver trying to make it latch, so I replaced the whole works. I now have a functional card holder again!

And yes, with the cover off, the small plastic tab ejected and flew several feet away about a half dozen times, as well as the long spring. And I dropped the tiny catch wire a half dozen times trying to get it in position. But I was prepared and managed to find and retrieve them! I can't imagine how they can cost-effectively assemble the card holders during assembly!
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