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For everyone that is having problems with their new camera, here is what happened to me and how i fixed it.

1. I added the bin file to the memory card.
2. put the memory card into the camera and turned it on.
a. no lights ever came on.
b. plugging it into the computer only a red light came on. the computer did not detect it as a drive.

at this point i figured i trashed it.

I fixed this by doing the following...and it must be done exactly like this or it wont work.

1. remove camera from usb.
2. remove memory card from camera.
3. press the reset button using a paper clip or something small. it is between the usb and memory card...a little hole. carefully poke the paper clip in slowly until you hit a little click..or feel the button. remove the paperclip and set cam aside.
4. put the memory card into a memory card reader and plug into the computer.
5. add the bin file from the "recover time" zip to the root of the memory card.
6. remove memory card from computer
7. insert into camera and press the power button for 2 seconds and let go.
a. no light will come on until it is done.
b. wait for the light to come on.
8. remove the memory card from the camera
9. press the reset button on the camera
10. insert memory card into computer and delete the file, then remove from computer
11. insert into the camera and press the power button.

it should work now.

i then followed the same steps, but using the continuous record file and it worked fine.
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