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Originally Posted by Isoprop View Post
Do I understand you correctly?
The camera is fully charged and not connected to the PC?
- When the firmware file is in the root directory, then the camera works?
- When you delete the firmware file, then the camera does not work?

If this is the case, then it doesn't sound too good - but there may still be hope

If this is the case, maybe you could try the original V1 timestamp firmware.
V1 firmware is only partially compatible once you have installed V2 firmware and that is why Tom has removed it from his firmware links. I have sent you a PM with a link to the original V1 firmware.

Do all testing without connecting the camera to your PC.
I suggest you try this V1 firmware and see if the camera works once you delete the firmware file from the root directory.
For the moment, I would not connect the camera to your PC. Use a card reader to copy/delete the files. Also, format the card before use and maybe try another card - and always make sure that the camera is fully charged!

[Edit] When you turn on the disconnected camera, with the firmware file in the root directory, how long does it take until the yellow light stays on? It should take between 7 seconds and 15 seconds.
Hi, Isoprop, thanks for you reply!

Just checked one more time:
Camera fully charged and not connected to the PC. I copy firmware to the root of card, over card reader. Press POWER button, within 8 sec Yellow LED light on and remaining on. After about 30 sec I long-press POWER button and camera turned off. I take away card and delete firmware file using card reader. Further inserted card back and press POWER button, nothing happened. No reaction on buttons. Try to turn on without card or with different card, but nothing working. For formatting memory cards I used SDFormatter utility.

I also tried to upgrade to firmware V1, but after press POWER button it even not flashing at all.
Any suggestion on how possible to fix it? Or only way to return it back to seller?
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