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How many have you smoked rc man?, and what servos. Flying CGY750 on raptor G4/E720 with 9255's and I have 102 flights on the machine now. Temps near 100 on servos after flight. Ambient in the 90's here. rx/servo power regulated to 6V from a 3-cell lipo. Step down to 5V for tail servo. My flights are "smooth 3D" not smack-style, but I fly 10 minute flights(lower headspeed than most, 1800 currently, and I manage collective fairly well, hence the long flights) and back-to-back flights. The first 50~75 flights were with 9155's (92's are lower deadband heli servos where the 91's were airplane servos I simply had on hand). By the way, the 9255's aren't even recommended for 6V, only 4.8/5, so if the 750 was a problem it would show up with them. They are very low deadband so they work constantly, and My heli setup allows for very high gains so they work even harder. Gains are 122 and 135 for cyclics (you can go into the 750 and crank them above 100 to the limit of 150)
There is a long post over at RunRyder regarding hot servo (130* +) when the servos are on higher voltage with the CGY750.
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