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Originally Posted by jims123 View Post
I found the flle spec info in Apples Quick Time File Format 2001 specification (5.4 MB is too big to post here) and you're right it's constantly updating the headers.. and if they are corrupted.. it's tough to play a file.. also installed a VideoInspector vers 2.2.8 on under Video Tools and it says my .avi's are all Ok and what codec's are installed and what bitrate the files were recorded at etc.. but it seems to choke on .mov's from the No 11's saying the file is valid but it's length is incomplete .. even on .mov files that play fine.. has some interesting utilities in the video and multimedia sections but i couldn't find anything Tom that you likely don't already have Sorry..
I thnk I was looking at that same file spec! It showed block diagrams of all the key QT movie objects (atoms), and brief descriptions of what they contain and their file heirarchy. I found on a good MOV the top two key atoms are separated... one at the beginning and one at the end. And the data atom key word (mdat) that defines the start of the actual data to be displayed was missing from my corrupted file, as were the other two main atom keys. I tried copying all the hex that is in my corrupted file over the good files "mdat" structure, but the video just gives static sound during that part, and plays the rest OK.

Oh well, not a big deal... I could reshoot the video, but was hoping to find a way to fix corrupted MOV files. The experience did convince me to try to open the flash card holder in my camera and fix the latching mechanism, though. If nothing else, I'll remove the spring that keeps pushing the flash card out so tape has an easier job of holding it in.

FWIW, I use Gspot file contents analysis utility... it reports the #11 MOV data with no complaining.
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