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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Great tips, Berkie... something I had thought of mentioning once, but never got around to it.

Things we frequently see that if simply trimmed/edited out can make a video much more enjoyable to watch:
  • The dinking around before the flight getting the battery hooked up, checking controls, walking to the flight line etc. etc. The video should begin as the plane is starting it's takeoff.

    Depends on the audience. If to be shown to other pilots prep should not be shown, but if it's for friends & pilots it's OK but should be short & sharp. No waving the camera around between shots. With ground shots it's best to EDIT IN CAMERA i.e, frame your shot first, then shoot, then cut before framing up the next shot. Then there is very little editing to do.
  • Ditto for the dinking around at the end retrieving the plane, disconnecting power, etc.
    Yep, cut out all that
  • Long climbouts at high power levels, showing nothing but sky
    Yep, more boring footage.
  • Redundant circles of the flying area showing the exact same thing as the first circuit
    Yes, if we are going to show our video we should make it interesting. It's going to give us a lot more satisfaction without much more effort. Plan to cover the INTERESTING parts of the scene only, then fly them at different altitudes to increase the interest. Anything that looks of interest from the air then go in a buzz it
  • Rough air buffeting or wildly panning video that is hard viewing
    A little is OK, because it is the reality of the flight, but too much jerky video is annoying. So is changing direction too often
  • MOTOR SOUND. If you don't mute it all together, at least reduce the volume to a very low background sound. Nothing more annoying than starting a video and have the cones blow out of my speakers when the motor throttles up.
    Yep, keep it to low though rather than none at all (maintains the reality)
I know many don't like to do ANY editing, but even simple free editors can do all these things, and it doesn't take long to do it once you use the editors a few time to get used to the toggles.
Yes. If we want others to enjoy our videos we need to put in.

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