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Tom, and Kev
I have used it now for 6 months and really like MEP 17 + and thir support staff a lot .. I don't use the fancy stuff in it.. but the work flow from start to YT Post is quick and easy now. I clip out a lot of stuff, and it keeps the sound and video in sync well.. simply Dragging an overlap between clips instantly fades the two in a blend that is just fine..etc.. I saw it at Fry's again the other day with a $50 off coupon but I doubt there are Fry's Electronics stores in AU..

for more info..on it and a couple others.
Regards, JimS

Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Kev, you can download the program and try it (fully functional!)for free for 2 weeks (and can extend another two weeks, I think). Then if it is something you want, you can buy it on liine at a major discount.

MEP17+ can do SOOOOoooo many things with both video and audio... I barely have used it's power. One of the things I am getting fine tuned is using a vignetting filter to brighten the darkened corners and edges the #11 cameras have. Each camera has it's own vignetting pattern, and you can make the filter mask with the camera so its a perfect match. Then MEP can use the mask to not only correct the brightness in the darkened areas, but also the contrast, gamma and individual RGB intensities to virtually wipe out the vignetting effects! The only thing that makes it more difficult is that the cameras vigentting effects changes with the exposure level of the video. So the necessary mask to give best image correction throughout an entire video usually changes as well. So one mask may not be the best in all scenes. Bright sunny days need a different mask that darker overcast days, for example. But this mask correction can VERY visibly improve the poor lens quality in the #11.

Anyway, download it from here and take a look. Make sure you get the MEP17 PLUS version, not just MEP17. With your background, you might want to also look at the VideoPro X3 editor if you have lots os $$$$
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