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I know a LiPo is not "like" a capacitor. I said it is "very similar to a large capacitor in many ways". Those ways help understand some things about LiPo behavior. It is an analogy not a correspondence.

There is a fine line between making things accessible and absolute accuracy. All of our models of the physical world involve some sort of approximations. The level of approximation is chosen to be appropriate for the purpose.

We know Newtonian physics and classic atomic theory are not "accurate" pictures of the physical world but they work just fine for almost everything we need.

Most people don't have your detailed and deep knowledge of the technology. My simplification was an attempt to assist someone understand how a concept such as IR might help in better understanding everyday LiPo behavior, not a definitive statement.

Just to be clear I'm not arguing or disagreeing with you about the best and most accurate model of a LiPo equivalent circuit. But for the purposes of the exchange a simplified analogy was adequate.


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Here we go again!
I've been trying to discuss this problem with Wayne...
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