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Your incident

I shan't speak for Irate; but a Li Po does not ignite from overdischarge. It sits there quietly and bleeds to death! Experience has shown almost as surely as fingerprints, what has a happened. Overcharge (i.e., overvoltage during charge) creates a "silver sausage" that, if permitted to go too loong can cause venting with flames. Overdischarge or overload, creates the "silver prune" that shows a deformed and wrinkled envelope. From appearance, I am guessing that the wiring shorted in some way and burned into the envelope to short the cell. When you short a cell internally as I once did with a T-pin, the release of energy is instant and very high. Anything in the way is gonna get hot. If the wire , glowing red, melted through the Li Po envelope and shorted the plates, it would create what you show. If in doubt, remove the pack from the plane and secure when you finish flying. Inspect wiring each session.

TIP: Demonstrate the following to yourself. Take a piece of scrap sheet rock, light up your propane torch and direct it to one side of the sheet. Touch the back of the sheet and you will find it is warm at most. Sheet rock is an excellent insulator. Cut out what you need to CA together a box and you have a dirt cheap safe. If you don't like ugly, buy a cheap tool box and line it with sheet rock.
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