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Originally Posted by mixer421 View Post
My problem seems to be finding the correct video, audio and format settings and the right file type to save as. I've just managed to edit/cut and save a short, 1min test video using mpeg4-avc, mp3(lame) and mp4, saving as a .mpg. the result was good but playback with VLC was a bit jerky with 900 lost frames. I configured the video as Average bitrate 4000, 2pass, macroblock-tree rate control on and 40 frame lookahead, most of which may as well be in Chinese for me
If you can suggest some better settings, I'd be eternally grateful. Once I have the basics, I can play with any additional features later. I'm not bothered by the time it may take to process, I sleep a solid 7 hours most nights
My 'ancient' PC runs WinXP SP3 at 2.1GHz with 2GHz of RAM if that's any help.
Hi Mike,

If you only need to trim the clips, there is no need to also re-encode it unless your PC is not capable of decoding the native video. Can you play the native video .mov files on your PC smoothly using the VLC player?

If so, you should be able to simply load the .mov file into AviDemux, trim it as desired, then in the main Avidemux window left side, set:
  • Video to "copy"
  • Audio to "MP3 (lame)"
  • Format to either MP4 or AVI
This will directly copy the video stream with it's native 1280x720p frame size with the original H.264/AVC1 video codec and bitrate to the new container format, re-encoding only the audio stream, which is necessary for these two file containers, but it goes very fast.

I can play back either the .avi or .mp4 with the VLC player, but for an unknown reason, my W7 WMP does not play the video stream afterwards in the .avi container, but it does in the .mp4 container.

Anyway, try this and let me know how it goes. The .avi format should be loadable into just about any editor.
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