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Originally posted by LouMelancon
The GRS 72" Falcon with an OS LA .15 fueled with a bladder tank is a very fast SSC plane. It will also out turn almost anything else. It only weighs 2lbs 9 ounces ready to fly and has almost 760 square inches of wing area.

I have been flying Warbirds in SSC but flew the last four rounds of this weekends Valentine Massacre with the 72" Falcon. I like it so much that I ordered three more last night.

I also put a Fora .15 on one. This is a very light, high performance, Russian CL Combat Motor the plane only weighs 2 lbs 7 ounces with this engine. Anyone who saw it fly with this setup on Saturday can attest to what it will do with a high performance motor. I am bring OS powered Falcons for SSC to the Mid Atlantic Championship in August and Fora powered Falcons for Open A.

I wouldn't have believed how fast they are either, I had to see it to believe it.
I have a Falcon 64, I put a .15 OS CL on that and it did great in some test I did this weekend. That may be my Open A ship this season, I used the Falcons for Open B last year. They fly great, nothing can catch them, but any contact at Open B speeds will blow them apart. I'll stick will the Skull Bandits for B, they are just more durable. However, I think my Open A stuff will be Falcon 64s unless I find something better.

I'll be at the Mid Atlantic Champs this year. That's my home field. See you there.

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