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Originally Posted by drzen View Post
Thanks for the response Tom. The card didn't pop out.. actually what happened was, when I retrieved the cam after it fell (a couple feet) to the floor, the yellow standby LED remained persistently on. I had to do an extra long power button press to get it to shut off.

After that, it just wouldn't come back on. Tried resetting multiple times, opened it to see if the plastic buttons were broken inside... nada. The battery wire connections seem fine.

About the price: you may be right. But it's really not all that much more expensive to manufacture than the #3?

It would be a good marketing strategy for the sellers to experiment with a price drop of say $10 - I'm sure it would result in a healthy spike in sales. Heck do a 4th of July special or something!
Try connecting to the PC USB port, pushing the reset button, etc. Maybe even do to firmware flash or battery disconnect if all else fails. Whatever you do, don't trash-can it. I gladly accept all dead #11s for spare parts!

The #11 has a pretty sophisticated video processor in it... much more capable than the old 808s. I don't know what it costs, but I'm sure it's more than the old 808's. The #11 is priced more for what it can do than what the manufacturing costs are, and there's a couple others (not nearly as good) now being marketed at similar price point to the #11, so the competition isn't driving prices down yet. MAybe one day.
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