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Originally Posted by Berkie View Post
Yeah, good Jumpy. That's a good view of and from the aircraft.

As a retired video producer, I am always in favour of showing the aircraft and more of it than just the nose. If you don't show the plane it could be anyone's video shot from some full sized aircraft. It's more interesting to know someone is flying a model plane at the same time as capturing a video.

If we want to make interesting aerial videos (and you may well say hell no I just want some footage of my flight) to show our friends or other RC pilots then we need say to ourselves "I am going to think this through first and make it an interesting video"

So in your case I would first climb up and give them a good over view of the area first (establishes "w.t.f. am I) then come down to about half height & refly the circuit again. Next pick out parts already seen from the higher levels and go in low so one can see now in detail. Viewer thinks :aha, this what I saw before, and now I can see it in more detail.
Then what you have done at the end is perfect - it is a completely different view of you circling overhead. Increases the interest level. As well you have shown a good landing (the end). All videos must have a start, middle and end i.e. always show take-off. flight, landing.

Great tips, Berkie... something I had thought of mentioning once, but never got around to it.

Things we frequently see that if simply trimmed/edited out or eliminated by good camera mounting can make a video much more enjoyable to watch:
  • The dinking around before the flight getting the battery hooked up, checking controls, walking to the flight line etc. etc. The video should begin as the plane is starting it's takeoff.
  • Ditto for the dinking around at the end retrieving the plane, disconnecting power, etc.
  • Long climbouts at high power levels, showing nothing but sky
  • Redundant circles of the flying area showing the exact same thing as the first circuit
  • Rough air buffeting or wildly panning video that is hard viewing
  • Video shot through a rotating prop with a CMOS camera ("venetian blind" effect)
  • Video shot with a lot of camera vibration ("jello effect" with a CMOS camera )
  • MOTOR SOUND. If you don't mute it all together, at least reduce the volume to a very low background sound. Nothing more annoying than starting a video and have the cones blow out of my speakers when the motor throttles up.
  • Overly long video. Limit to 4 min. max., and 3 min. preferred.
I know many don't like to do ANY editing, but even simple free editors can do all these things, and it doesn't take long to do it once you use the editor a few times to get used to the feature controls.
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