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Originally Posted by JumpySticks View Post
I may have to try that. I did see someone had a pic in pic that he could switch back and forth. That's another option.

I tested my two jumbos today on the Radian Pro. The cams are just taped in for the moment, but I plan to do some cf reinforcing for all the foam I cut out of the wing. The footage from the one facing the plane is awesome. I will need to adjust the mount for the forward facing cam, it's aiming too high and getting too much sky. Will remove also timestamp when time permits.

I am having trouble getting dashboard to load the raw video. It says wrong file type but is supposed to open .mov files. Confusing, but I'll figure it out.

Thanks a million for all the great resources and advice here Tom...and others too.

I am extremely happy with these cameras.

Yeah, good Jumpy. That's a good view of and from the aircraft.

As a retired video producer, I am always in favour of showing the aircraft and more of it than just the nose. If you don't show the plane it could be anyone's video shot from some full sized aircraft. It's more interesting to know someone is flying a model plane at the same time as capturing a video.

If we want to make interesting aerial videos (and you may well say hell no I just want some footage of my flight) to show our friends or other RC pilots then we need say to ourselves "I am going to think this through first and make it an interesting video"

So in your case I would first climb up and give them a good over view of the area first (establishes "w.t.f. am I) then come down to about half height & refly the circuit again. Next pick out parts already seen from the higher levels and go in low so one can see now in detail. Viewer thinks :aha, this what I saw before, and now I can see it in more detail.
Then what you have done at the end is perfect - it is a completely different view of you circling overhead. Increases the interest level. As well you have shown a good landing (the end). All videos must have a start, middle and end i.e. always show take-off. flight, landing.

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